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What ABR Customers say about us

"ABR has met my expectations for my child and were pleasantly exceeded. ABR is not only an educational experience but also a loving, nurturing atmosphere. I feel the children were taught to treat each other and the staff with respect."

" I wanted Ryan to have fun while learning. I feel he is getting that at ABR. Ryan really enjoys going there."

"ABR has met my expectations. I have seen many positive changes in my sons development. Patrick truly enjoyed going to school at ABR. I was pleased with the knowledge and friendships he gained. I feel that because he went to ABR he will transition nicely into kindergarten, as we always say at home "Great Job Maria"."

"Justin had a lot of fun at a Brighter Rainbow. He loved all of his teachers and they were very good to him. I am very thankful to the staff for making Justin feel welcome and for providing a great atmosphere for him. He will miss you all"

"ABR has done a great job teaching and providing my children in a fun and nurturing atmosphere. I can't believe how much they've learned. Thank You."

A Brighter Rainbow Learning Center      862 Boston Road, Billerica Ma. 01821     (978) 670-9222
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