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At ABR our curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and The Creative Curriculum -Teaching Strategies. We offer pre-school children a firm foundation for the future as the first step in a child's lifelong learning process. The curriculum covers areas of Mathematics, Science, English, Language Arts, History and Social Studies. We also focus on Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Health and Safety, Music, Arts and Crafts and Multiculturalism.

See the table below for a more detailed breakdown of our curriculum or click on a topic for a more detailed description of each topic.

Language Arts Mathematics Science & History Health Education Arts
Reading & Literature Patterns Earth & Science Physical Development Music
Composition Shapes Physical Space Safety Theatre
English Language Measurements Technology & Engineering Playground Visual Arts
  Data Collection Computer Emotional Health Singing
  Inquiry Skills Social Sciences   Movement & Dance
  Number Sense Life Science   Arts & Crafts

Language Arts

ABR goes over vocabulary words, sings songs, plays games, everyday routine and rules, taking turns, listening skills, social skills such as, eye contact, tone, pitch, volume, share ideas, conversations, asking questions, planning, making choices, decisions and using correct language.

Reading and Literature

Printed material, listen to wide variety of age appropriate literature, develop familiarity with forms of alphabet letter awareness of print and letter forms uppercase and lowercase. Opposite and rhyming words.


Draw pictures to tell stories, use computer software as writing tools to produce enlarged print, hear what they have written, use mouse to draw, trace or write our name, letters a-z and numbers 1-10. Using pencil grips and cutting.

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Number Sense

Listen to and say the names of numbers in meaningful contexts, use positional language and ordinal numbers (first and second) 1-1 counting.

Patterns & Relations

Describe the size, shape, color of material
Sort, categorize, or classify objects. Matching and sequencing.


Eat snacks cut in various shapes, sort blocks


Estimate how many steps it will take to cross the room, measure length, measure sand, measure height and coins.

Data Collection

Organize and draw conclusions from facts they have collected, construct simple graphs

Inquiry Skills

Conduct simple investigations, determine sink or float, answer what if?, use microscope, memory skills and same or different.

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Science and History

Earth Science

Compare rocks, feel air, make blow pictures, wet sand

Life Science

Outside look for birds, animals and plants. Classify flowers and plants.

Physical Space

Manipulate, observe, compare heavy vs. Light

Technology & Engineering

Feel and use variety of natural wood, cotton, fur, wool, play with ramps and vehicles in block area. Tools and magnifying glass

Social Sciences

Discuss and identify the order of daily routines. Discuss what comes first, second, look at photographs or pictures of older things, identify cause and effect relate to a personal experience, predict outcome, create familiar things such as, buildings, stores

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Health Education

Physical development

Gross and fine motor skills play games or dance and ask children to identify and move various parts of the body, examine a model of skeleton, use thumb for small pegs draw pictures, play with manipulative toys, climbing, running, puzzles, draw human body


Listen to stories about germs and disease, talk about doctors appointments and illnesses, talk and demonstrate safety


Use large outdoor equipment such as ladder, slide, climb structure, push, pull, songs that contain sequence of body movement and use balls.



Sing songs, finger plays, sing-a-long, play instruments, listen and imitate sounds

Theatre Arts

Use dramatic play, costumes and pretend to be someone else. Create a character based on stories, make up dialogue such as how much is this?

Visual Arts

We use different color paints, different brushes for size, shape and color and mix colors.
Pre-school children got familiar with these concepts. Children learn through play as well as academic learning.

Circle Time

We learn the weather, months, seasons, numbers on calendar, date, month, days of week, alphabet, colors, shapes, opposites and rhyming words.


Theme related songs to express oneself.

Arts & Crafts

Theme related Art projects and use of fine motor skills.  The materials that we use are, scissors, glue, construction paper, cotton balls, paint, foam paint, water colors, foam pieces, glitter, sand, sequence,
confetti, tongue depressors, rhinestones and so much more.

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